Approach & Tools

Think of us as your trusted loyalty and data partner. We deliver data science insights that lead to actionable strategies. We then embed with your team to drive tangible business outcomes.
Accelerate your growth now

We embed tools and expertise to find incremental value in human behaviour.

Gravitas pre-built Accelerator™ models and applications repeatedly set us apart, but ultimately our most notable competitive distinction is in the expertise we bring to deliver an unequalled end-to-end solution in value-based customer marketing, loyalty programs, and more.

Strategic + in the trenches

We span insights to execution and partner with you to achieve tangible results

Actionable Insights + Proven Playbooks

We leverage many years of hands-on experience to provide compelling customer insights, customised playbooks and detailed roadmaps

Data Science + Market Knowhow

Our expert data scientists and analysts are hands-on, accelerating insights into action

Results driven + Accountable

We are committed to and fully accountable for delivering tangible results to your bottom line

Accelerators™ tools and models

Value Segments

Actionable customer segmentation by current, past and future value

Value Finder

Size how customer behaviours are driving YOY movements in revenue

Intel & AI

Machine learning models to optimise next best customer decision


Differentiated customer treatments to drive sales, service and loyalty

ROI Calculator

Forecast value of driving customer behaviour change


Understand response and who or what is driving it


Insights into customer value movement and what’s driving it

Media Co-Lab

Commercialise data assets with brand partners
Work with us

Value-led solutions across all sectors


Know who your most valuable customers are and where there is headroom for growth

Financial Services

Shift from product-led to customer-first, and drive more personalised customer engagement and experiences


Differentiate sales, service and loyalty

treatments according to holistic lifetime customer value

Arts & Fan Engagement

Know where you are winning and losing customers to accelerate customer value, engagment and event attendance 

Not for Profit

Drive donations while ensuring supporters continue to feel valued and recognised for their contributions at all levels and life stages 

Explore our work

Here’s a taste of how our expert teams and proprietary Accelerator™ tools are changing the game in Customer Value Management.