Know who your most valuable customers are and where you have headroom for growth.

Gravitas foundation clients include some of Australia’s leading retailers

Gravitas is truly unmatched in the depth and breadth of insights our proprietary retail g-models can reveal about shoppers. We have developed wide-ranging and sophisticated machine learning predictive models designed to drive timely responses to shopper behaviours and trigger personalised services and offers.

Using deep-dive data analysis we can help you understand what your customers’ want, when and how they want it, their price elasticity and recognition expectations.

Value-led, customer driven marketing

Gravitas proprietary retail g-models and methodologies generate next level shopper intelligence to help retailers and brand partners achieve improved sales results through customer-informed product ranging, merchandising, marketing, pricing, promotions and purchase incentives.

Timely engagement and stock control

The Gravitas g-suite of retail solutions also serve to guide customer investment (individually and at scale) to achieve the best possible value return from marketing and rewards programs. In helping retailers better align their value chains to shopper needs, we help achieve just-in-time stock control management and seasonal rotations to reduce waste.

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