Transforming a
mass-marketer into a customer-centric retailer

A close look at how we helped tap into the hidden value of human behaviour within the loyalty base of a large Australian retail chain.

Finding the value that’s hard to find in a massive retail member loyalty base​

Across this 7+m strong member loyalty base there was a lot of latent value. To help identify and unlock hidden customer value and growth, Gravitas applied their Value Segmentation, Value Finder and always-on models and methodologies to choreograph (at-scale) an always-on stream of more personalised communications.

Sizing customer value and spotting growth opportunities were key drivers of uplifts in shop rate and spend

In addition to helping more accurately determine opportunities to grow  customer, Gravitas worked arm-in-arm with this retailer’s internal data and marketing teams to optimise value at every stage.  In partnership, we built over 25 predictive machine learning models to continually improve targeting and personalisation. Today, this operates as an always-on ecosystem of robust customer value measurements which inform a playbook of strategies: always adapting, and for the customer, always relevant.

Gravitas Value Segmentation, Value Finder and Always-on Operating Models

In combination, these models help achieve more focused marketing investment through

truer measurement and maximisation of customer value and a more efficient way to implement effective and timely personalised customer engagement.

We achieve proven results


Program engagement. 

Improved targeting and personalisation:

+20% less churn 

+15% higher reactivation of lapsed customers

+10% more conversion to frequent shoppers

4x growth

The Gravitas data-driven approach to customer engagement helped this major retailer achieve:

+30% increase in digitally contactable customers
+35% more sales through the loyalty program
+50% spend improvement in marketing efficiency

Key success factors

Gravitas work in-situ sharing everyday responsibility and accountability in defining strategies, executing always-on operating models and plans to achieve growth goals.

Gravitas CVM Segmentation assigned members to cohorts according to their current and future value in the engagement lifecycle.

Gravitas Value Finder helps guide investment through YOY comparison of the drivers of change across the member loyalty base: highlighting value pools and opportunities.