Making loyalty membership a more personal experience.

A deep dive into how we used the power of personalisation to help unlock the latent customer value within this national pet retailer’s growing loyalty membership base.

Recognising the emotional bond pet parents have with their pets

This leading pet retailer knew that by shifting their loyalty program member engagement from a transactional exchange to a more personal ‘conversation’ it would achieve a better mutual value return.


To this end, Gravitas was commissioned to apply their Customer Value Management (CVM) Segmentation model to provide their vast network of stores, pet services and vet clinics with a more holistic understanding of the behaviours and needs of members as they transitioned from new customers to brand loyalists.

Fulfilling the needs of 2.5m pet parents Australia-wide, before they even asked

Using the next-level of loyalty member intelligence revealed through CVM segmentation, Gravitas analysts worked in-situ with this retailer’s internal data team to implement an always-on Operating model to drive a continuous stream of highly personalised member communications. This program of work included development of:

  • A cross-company CVM playbook and mapping of 7 strategic customer journeys; and
  • 8 machine learning models to better predict member behaviour and trigger timely communications

Gravitas CVM Segmentation and Always-On Operating Models

To unlock more customer value, Gravitas firstly unlocked a more in-depth pet parent (and pet) profile through application of their proprietary CVM segmentation, and then helped channel these valuable new insights to achieve personalisation at scale.

We achieve proven results


Within 9 months, we achieved 100% increase in both the profitability of CRM campaigns and the number of members who now receive loyalty rewards.

2x growth

The tailoring of loyalty benefits to each member (both two-legged and four) reduced the forecast number of customers that churned by 50%.

Key success factors

80 personalisation tests quantified the value of personalisation, driving a 45% improvement in incremental sales per contact.

CVM Segmentation coupled pet parent and pets into life stage cohorts to fulfil the needs of both – singularly and/or together.
The Always-On Operating model is maintained through on-going performance monitoring and input to enable continuous optimisation.