Not for Profit – helping better understand the fullness of donor value

The Gravitas Engagement Index models the long-term value of human behaviour relationships and strength of brand commitment to focus marketing investment for best return.

Moving from a singular view to seeing a total contribution

People extended their support to this cancer prevention charity in many ways: donating via appeals, providing support in-kind, participating in fundraisers, committing bequests or volunteering. Gravitas was engaged to develop a strategy that more appropriately recognised both singular and multiple Supporter commitment and, thereby, enabled this charity to better focus their marketing efforts and budget, for best return.

Aligning company culture to build long-term relationships

The Gravitas Engagement Index modelling not only determined a more purposeful definition of Supporter contribution, but it also revealed that individual business unit targets were inhibiting the development of lifetime donor support.  Therefore, the Gravitas engagement strategy included recommendations to make changes in cross-company goal setting, to better align the company in the nurturing of holistic Supporter relationships.  

Gravitas Engagement Index Model

From the newly engaged to devoted loyalists, the Gravitas Engagement Index modelling provides clarity and measurement on the strength of brand relationships and commitment to reveal the opportunity for growth

We achieve proven results


Acquisition from in-direct supporters and prospects


Reactivation of lapsed supporters

Key success factors

Holistic measurement of donor contribution and potential (vs singular BU value) served to better focus marketing funds.

Pre-testing of Gravitas Engagement Index modelling enabled development of Executive Forecasts measuring risk vs reward.

Driving a supporter first culture with tools and frameworks to shift to whole of supporter strategies, designed to grow life time value.