Telco – improving retention through valued-based reward.

Gravitas Value Indexing improved customer retention, loyalty and ROI.

Because not all customers are equal: differentiate customer experiences

Through application of the Gravitas Customer Value Index (CVI), a holistic and more useful current and future value definition was achieved. This informed more cost-effective fulfilment of customer needs and recognition.

Shifting from product-led to a customer value-driven strategy

Gravitas specialists embedded within this major Australian telco to work with product, marketing and operations’ teams. This collaboration enabled:

  • Acceleration of the development and implementation of proof-of-concept CVI use cases
  • Full-scale adoption of CVI to support training and empowerment of the front line in the delivery of differentiated sales, service and loyalty aligned to the customer’s holistic value and potential

Gravitas Customer Value Index (CVI)

A measure of current revenue, future value and tenure intended for use as a strategic decisioning tool to inform value-based product, service and marketing strategies

We achieve proven results


By reshaping customer treatments and empowering front line teams, Gravitas helped this telco achieve 25% higher save rates amongst high value customers looking to switch providers.


The CVI analysis also delivered a 40% high sales conversion via communication of more personalised customer offers and treatments.

Key success factors

Customer Value Index (CVI) is a measure of current customer revenue, potential value and tenure.
Customer Value Index enables determination of differentiated treatments and service aligned to customer value.
Customer Value Index focuses reward and recognition investment to achieve the best mutual value return.