Choreographing new moves in Australian dance

The Gravitas Value Index enables development of cost-efficient engagement strategies based on a more accurate determination of a customer’s current and potential value.

Driving engagement and loyalty based on holistic value

To affect the right measure of recognition and reward this dance company firstly needed a full value appreciation of their varying patrons – from single ticket buyers to seasonal subscribers, and annual benefactors. As retention is a key driver of customer value: Gravitas firstly used their Value Index model to analyse 3-years of data to assign the entire 1m company database into cohorts based on their life stage, and corresponding value potential.

Delivering a more personalised experience for all patrons

Gravitas further supported targeting and personalisation through the development of the following Machine Learning predictive models which determined the likelihood of patrons:

  • Re-subscribing to a premium subscription
  • Re-subscribing to a choose-your-own package subscription
  • Purchasing a new subscription
  • To donate
  • To purchase single tickets for upcoming shows

Gravitas Customer Value Management

Gravitas’s proprietary Accelerator™ models and methodologies inform the development of more cost-effective, value-based, customer engagement and loyalty strategies

Key success factors

The combination of Gravitas Value Indexing and machine learning predictive models enabled laser targeting and richer personalisation.

High Value customer recognition empowered the front line to priortise high value customers with sales, service and loyalty treatments aligned to value.

Using machine learning  to predict who is most likely to donate and how much.

We achieve proven results


Gravitas’ valued-based approach helped this national dance company deliver a more personalised experience to its patrons, which directly led to a y/on/y lift in sales of 40% year.


Buy rate of highly engaged customers vs low engaged customers